7 Summits now available for FREE!



Did you miss your opportunity to get ‘7 Summits‘ for free when it was released?  You’re in luck!  We’re pleased to announce that we are offering the full version of the game for FREE for a limited time only!  So act fast, hop on iTunes and get your copy of the best mountain climbing game on the App Store!



‘7 Summits’ is being submitted to Apple today!

After a long 8 months of building and testing, our newest app ‘7 Summits’ is finally ready to be submitted for approval by Apple! We’re so stoked for Imageeveryone to see it that it will be offered for FREE the first week of its debut!

We’ll keep you all updated on its exact release date and you can also check out our Facebook page for more info!

7 Summits Progress Update

Its getting very exciting now! All 7 mountains are implemented into the game and we’re in the final stages of development.  After some fine tuning and  extensive testing, our game will be ready to be submitted to the App Store for approval!  Should be within the next 2 weeks.


Heres an iPad screenshot from Carstensz Pyramid in Indonesia.  In this shot the climber is riding the Power Booster rocket that propels you up the mountain.  Power Booster is available in the mountain store.  As you climb through the mountains, you pick up coins to use in the store.  Also included in the store are shields, improved accessories, and an extra oxygen tank.  Additional coins are also available through In-App purchases.

See that music icon in the top right?!  That allows you to select your background music straight from the music on your device!  You can make a playlist or select albums to rock out to while playing the game, very cool.


Now comes the hard parts on my end with preparing the app for launch.  Press releases, promo videos, submitting to review sites, making contests, email signups, and numerous other promotional tactics are all essential to a successful release.  

There will be 2 versions of ‘7 Summits’ with a free version and full paid version.  The free version will have the first 3 mountains and ad support while the full version will have all 7 mountains, no ads and the option to save your game in the middle of a mountain.  For promoting the game, the full version will be available for FREE the first week in the App Store!  Make sure you go in and download right away to get the FULL version for FREE! After the first week the price will increase to $0.99.  

We will keep you updated on the progress of the game and when it is approved by Apple.  We will also be running contests for the best reviews and be giving away iTunes Gift Cards to winners.  We’ll keep you posted!

iOS 7 & The Dynamic Interface | OS Techtorial

Tech, Design, Style, Stuff.

I’ve already covered the changes in iOS7 from a number of angles including how the user interacts and seemingly becomes ensconced in the operating system. But since Rene Ritchie at iMore continues to delve into it in awe (now I’m not an Apple fanboy AT ALL, but I’ve got to admit the brilliance here) so shall I.

As I’ve said, getting a person to “bond” with their phone by making it  a world they live in is no easy feat, but that’s what Apple is doing with the new OS changes. If you ask me, we need to be seeing more of this in Android. While many features have been ported in the other direction, it’s the overall experience that Apple has truly achieved on.

Rene says it better than I can, so I’ll just quote him: “Here’s the gist, though: Apple has built a complete, robust physics and particle…

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7 Summits app update!

ImageHey everyone! I haven’t updated about whats going on with the build recently so wanted to let you all know how its coming along.  I just got a new build the other day from Indus Net Tech and its looking really awesome! So stoked can’t wait for it to be done. 

Here is the newest home screen.  It has some really cool animation and background music that I made now, its really come a long way.

Soon it will have an option to play your personal music from your music library as background music during the game! I personally haven’t seen that before. 

The mountain store has a few things in it already including a power booster rocket that floats down during the game to blast you forward on the mountain, shield packs that you buy to use during the game and you can also buy more coins as in-app purchase.  You collect coins on the mountain to use in the store.Image

The game play screen has been updated also.  It now has a timer running down on the top.  If you make it to the next camp in time you get 3 stars.  Get 3 stars at every camp and once you reach the summit you’re rewarded with extra coins!

A height meter was added above the oxygen tank to show you how much further you have left on the mountain.

You can see in this screen shot the shield above the pause button.  When you buy some shields they appear there for you to use when needed. 

The first level is Denali in Alaska and so far its the only one done.  The second mountain is being worked on now and should be included in the next build.  After conquering Denali, you travel to Carstensz Pyramid in Papua New Guinea which is the highest mountain in Oceania.

The iPad version is also up to date now as this build is universal for iPad and iPhone!

ImageAnd finally the Game Over screen is updated to include new graphics and animation and tell you your stats including stars and coins collected, height climbed and your final score.  Your are now also able to share your score to friends directly from this screen to Facebook or Twitter!

This game was originally supposed to be finished mid March but that is certainly not the case anymore.  I gave them a July15 deadline to finish and they feel confident that they can finish by then.

Stay tuned for more updates on the game soon!